Download FREE Software to watch Television on the Internet:
When you already installed Media Player and Realplayer it has been detected while you entered this page (see below).

You don't need a Television card in order to watch Internet Television. The software detects and converts streams into a video image (including sound).

The green and blue colors are used to indicate the required software! Click to download the latest Realplayer and Media Player software:

Realplayer Media Player

If your Browser crashes often after installing Realplayer, try the following in Realplayer: Disable the checkbox which makes Web Downloading and Recording possible --> tools preferences - download & recording - Disable Web Downloading & Recording.

VLC Media Player. The streaming speed of these stations is indicated with a grey background. Download the latest VLC software by clicking.

VLC Media Player

In order to watch P2P channels listed at our P2P section you need the Octoshape Plugin

More and more channels are using Apple Quicktime. The use of this software is indicated with the following button: